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Business Breakfast on 15 April 2015

We are pleased to invite you and your collegues on 15 April 2015 to be part of a discussion that addresses the most current issues and topics that are relevant in economy and in the banking and financial system both in Estonia as well as around the world.




Paldiski mnt. 4, Tallinn

A.-H. Tammsaare seminar room on the 7th floor


Christoph Paulus: 
The notorious cases of Argentina or Greece suggest there is yet another reason for sovereign defaults worthwhile to remember. The mechanism at work in those countries (as well as in many others) is what might be called an “unholy alliance” between politicians and their electorate. Banks play a dominant and essential role in the economy and, therefore, need special treatment allegedly.
When we talk about systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs), and in particular those that are important on a global level (GSIFIs), we are in an area where the economic actors act beyond national boundaries and thus the confinements of national jurisdictions. It is perfectly understandable that global actors try to overcome them. The restrictions connected with the globe’s legal compartmentalization, to be sure, are a nuisance economically for
those businesses and are often an impediment to growth. It is much less understandable,though, if and when the respective efforts result in inequality among the private law subjects, or to be more precise, in a better treatment of those multinationals.
Märten Ross: 
European financial regulation has gone through major reshuffle after the financial crisis of the last decade. This has raised concerns about overregulation that could hamper efficient financial intermediation both domestically and even more so in cross-border activity. This is particularly relevant for smaller markets for whom sufficient integration of European internal markets is the only way to achieve economies of scale needed for efficient financial intermediation. How to balance between financial safety-driven regulative initiatives and European capital market integration and is there a contradiction at all?












Best Regards

Reigo Reimand
Event Organizer

(+372) 51 73623
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